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I have almost a decade of military background working and training with a number of different special units. Iíve spent time in Central America supporting counter drug operations in Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and El Salvador. I also spent a few years working as a Private Military contractor with DOD, Department of Justice, Army Corps of Engineers, and other organizations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom until I got wounded during an ambush.. Iíve spent a total time of about 3 years in war torn Middle East, and all of it was spent traveling the roads of these countries, not just operating on the base.

The training, techniques and drills that I provide come from real world experience. The techniques I teach are all proven techniques Iíve applied in real world operations not only in high threat areas like Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, but as well as the techniques used in more low profile projects like Personal Protection Details for high level Corporate Executives. These are the techniques that are more suited for CCW work for example, since the weapon is covered and youíre trying to blend.  Everything is proven and has itís place.

After spending years in a combat zone, i understand the importance of shot placement.  If you donít have SOLID understanding of the fundamentals that will allow you to be effective, you could potentially go through all your ammo and not stop the threat. A lot of people donít take the stress element into account; so now you have stress plus poor fundamentals, what kind of a result do you think youíll get in a fight??? Most people train for the range and a lot of trainers not having real world experience donít have the perspective or understand the importance of accuracy, time and performing those under stress.  So it all starts with a strict demand on accuracy and eventually time. You have to learn to work under pressure, thatís how the fight will be, not in a controlled environment with your heart rate at just above your rest rate

Mindset is the most important factor of all. Understanding the physiological reactions the body goes through and working with them, not fighting them under extreme duress is key, being able to make decisions and problem solve when your brain is working against you, knowing how to move, where to move, when to move.  As the level of the courses go up all these things are covered.  But it has to start with the understanding that just flinging rounds at a target wonít cut it in a fight, especially under extreme stress, you wonít hit anything and probably get killed as a result. 

Part of mindset is showing up with an open mind.  Not all techniques we show you will be agreeable with you, the import part is to try it, give it a chance and if you really donít think itís for you, still put it in your toolbox for possible future use.  One thing Iíve learned from doing this for such a long time is never say never.  You never know what youíll come up against and what you might need to problem solve it.

So give us a call and let us know what youíre looking for.  We provide group classes and private ones. 


NOTE: Private classes allow for course customization based on experience. 

Mr. Pozzi is also a member and a Certified Instructor with the NRA..

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